What can Virtual Staging do for you? Why would you use them?

If you’ve ever staged a home, then you know it will be very time-consuming, expensive and prone to unwanted ends, furniture or fixture damage, theft, etc…. However, the cost more than pays off if you make a big sale. When people walk into a space, staging gives them a clear image of the house’s potential, which often leads to an offer. Why choose virtual home staging instead?

95% of buyers start their searches online. Should we say more? It’s only after seeing online photos, interested parties call their agent to set up a showing. You as the agent, usually send a list of properties to your clients, who will make their picks based on the images they see. Photos are the most important factor when viewing a home online. But you know that already! Turn boring to WOW!!!

Before and After Downtown Condo Virtual Staging
Tap/Click to enlarge. Before and After Downtown Condo Virtual Staging for the Living room and the outside space. Please observe how much of a difference it makes in this case.

Very often, budgets and timeframe and availability don’t allow a real staging… Ouch!!! Introducing the next best thing, the Virtual Staging! Fast! Affordable and Amazing! Pricing is per image and it’s fixed at $30. We can discuss volume discounts (over 10 images).

Virtual Staged - Before and After Classic Californian bungalow Ding Room
Tap/Click to enlarge. Before and After Classic Californian bungalow Ding Room, Images talk themselves… what a difference! By the way, this property sold with 10 offers in 1 dat, over $125K over asking.
Small Bedroom Virtual Staging - Before and AfterFarm House Living Room Virtual Staging
Tap/Click to enlarge
Classic old style Living Room
Tap/Click to enlarge
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