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Very Cute Remodeled & Fully Updated! Vacation Lifestyle in Carlsbad.

[sc:MikeDaniels ]

This is another great Sample Job of what we are facing Typically in the San Diego area. This particular property is located somewhere in the La Jolla hills.

It was an honor and in the same time humbling experience to photograph the residence of Rockstar legend Dave Mustaine. He is one of the biggest names in heavy metal, over the past few decades; I literally grew up with his work at Metallica and then Megadeth. Enjoy a few shots of the Mustain Experience. I was extremely surprised by what I found there. Totally unexpected!



Usually, the front image of a house that is listed for sale is the one that is featured everywhere. I mean the MLS and the syndication Real Estate portals and websites, like Realtor.com, Zillow, Redfin, etc. That been said, a front shot can be done in many ways.

As always, I’m trying to come up with an image that is balanced esthetically and brings the most to the story. Below, a few examples of possible front shots for the same listing. Let’s discuss a bit these shots that I made for a listing in Del Mar, CA.

So, we have a few elevated shots made using a drone and a few ground shots, classic.

The classic ground shots show the property from three angles. From the left, straight on and from the right. The “From the left” image in this case is the one that is most balanced, showing what’s going on here, the other ones are showing mostly a garage door. Out of these three, definitely the “from the left one wins the contest.

We do have another “from the left”, but that one is made with the drone. It’s slightly elevated and shows more of the house and less asphalt. Probably better in the grand scheme.

Now. I’ve added another slightly elevated image that shows more roof, looking down at the property. This image is somewhat useless for real estate purposes, since it mostly shows the roof

Utility of a more elevated image comes if we go a bit higher, because this particular property sits on a gold course. The more elevated image will the show that proximity and that’s a positive thing to do for the listing. Would this be the main shot? No! but I would definitly use it as the second image in the set.

Also, to clarify things, I always add a “clarification” mark on the image, to clear up where are we looking.

As a final conclusion, I would use the main Front image the slightly elevated shot and then drone shots that shows the proximity to the golf course and then the clarification one…

This property has been all over the news lately and is going for auction very soon. Wanna take a visit?? Quick look (as a matter of speaking) to this 24000 square Foot Mountaintop Estate in Elfin Forest / Escondido area?  Click the Cyan button down there that says “3D Showcase” and sit back, let it load… this thing is HUGE! Took me about 6h of work in two visits to make this. Enjoy!

The “Golden Hour” in photographic terms is that time of day before sunset when the light gets “golden”… warm looking… You know those bridal beach portraits… haha. Anyway, a few night ago while shooting at “The Mark” in Downtown San Diego it came to me that the golden hour gets a total different dimension sometimes. So grateful to be able to do this!

[sc:michaelciampa ]
Quoting Michael Ciampa: Pictures look fantastic as usual Michael.  Best part…owner loves them which is the most important!  Thank you again for all of your wonderful work Michael.

[sc:shamelessplug ]

Upgraded very desirable East Village choice in Downtown San Diego

[sc:michaelciampa ]

Monumental Property in Rancho Santa Fe. This is a one of a kind property. Really Awesome place! Kinda expensive thou  🙂

Listing by K. Ann Brizolis, Pacific Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

Had the honor and privilege to shoot this fabulous place in Bonsall. Infinite views, a pool area to die for. Really nice place to be.

A listing by David T. Moran (Rainbow Realty)